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What do you need a nutrition therapist for?

Maybe you haven't managed to achieve and maintain your ideal weight. Moreover, you are not full of energy and vitality; on the contrary you often feel apathy and exhaustion. And all the smart tips from your friends somehow do not work.

What can a nutrition therapist do for you?

  • first of all, she analyzes in details your current diet, after that she suggests you an optimum nutrition change program, provides valuable nutrition information and explains how to put them into practice
  • creates an optimum weight adjustment or weight loss program adapted for you
  • takes charge of your personal couching and supporting, motivating and supervising your process
  • assists you in dealing with specific "troublesome" situations commonly happening during the period of losing weight

Who should consult the nutrition therapist?

  • You have been struggling with overweight and you just cannot lose weight
  • You are aware of the fact you cannot be an expert for everything and since you have made up your mind to lose weight healthily and effectively, you wish to find a real expert, who has collected all the valuable information in this area for you
  • You have no time to do calorie-counting and complicated cooking. All you need is someone, who tells you clearly and precisely, what to do. Someone, who adjusts your diet plan to your lifestyle
  • You know all the theory, but each time you start up the diet promisingly, a visit to your mother-in-law, a party or approaching period always ruins your diet
  • You are searching for a professional service (just like you put your car into a professional car repair service or when you decide to buy your life-insurance, you hope to get a suggestion from someone, who has an overview and sufficient information)

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Contacts: loseweight@717.cz
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