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Goal of the program:

Gradual change of eating habits, learning and adopting the principles of healthy dieting, creation of a healthy eating plan, losing excess kilos and shaping the body

The Personal Nutrition loseweight program will learn you:

·         How to make proper food choices

·         How to compose an eating plan from the nutrition and kJ oriented pespective

·         To understand importance of optimal drinking regime

·         That you really can replace some unhealthy kinds of food wiht healthier ones

Your nutrition adviser will assist you in creating an optimum eating plan based on the healthy eating principles.

During the program (basic program lasts 3 months) you will have personal coach, who gives advice, motivates and oversees you all the time. You can contact and ask your nutrition adviser any time. She will support you until you manage to lose excess kilos and to keep the new weight and bodyshape.

The Personal Loseweight Program consits of:

  • Initial consultation:

Clients´database input, enter questionnaire, complex body weight and composition analysis;(fat, muscles,water, BMI and WHR measurements, physical condition, metabolic age) and its detailed interpreting, further on you will be asked to record her/his daily dietary regime for the whole week before initial consultation), discussing workout habits - if she/he has any, lifestyle and previous loseweight experince, specifying the loseweight goal

Price: 750 CZK (app.60 min.)

·         First consultation:

Enter questionnaire evaluation, 7-days dietary and drinking regime (current eating habits) evaluation - creating  new nutrition balanced dietary regime tailored to client (precise fat, protein, saccharide amounts), suitable workout suggestion, health guide infos

Price: 2 400 CZK (app.90 min.)

·         Regular consultation:

In 2 weeks, later, depending on reducing process, in 3 weeks

Complex body weight and composition analysis (weight and measure decrease monitoring), potential changes in dieting plan or physical activities (in according to the increasing client´s physic condition)or creating new dieting plan

Price: 450 CZK ; potential changes plus 500 CZK; creation new dieting plan plus 1200 CZK  (app.60 min.)

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Contacts: loseweight@717.cz
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